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Italian EPAP live – register now!

Italian EPAP live – register now!

We announced last year that we were working on the translation of EPAP into Italian with our partners Genitori contro la Distrofia Musculare di Duchenne & Becker ONLUS Italy, FederASMA e ALLERGIE onlus – Federazione italiana pazienti and the Italian EUPATI.

Although this has taken us quite a while to complete, we are pleased to announce that this is now live and people who are interested in completing EPAP modules in Italian can register by visiting the website, clicking on the Login/Register button and then on the Italian flag to be taken through to registration.

This follows our successful launch of Dutch in October 2015. We are also in the process of finalising EPAP in French and this should be live later during the spring.

We hope you enjoy being able to complete EPAP in Italian and we would be very happy to receive any comments from you on the programme. If you would like to send any comments, please contact Kerstin Morrison.