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Newsletter No 1. 2017

Newsletter No 1. 2017

The European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) – Newsletter No 1. 2017

Being better informed

Welcome to the first edition of our quarterly newsletter for the European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP)

There is an urgent need to engage with people interested in patient involvement,  people who want to be better informed about their condition and learn more, people who want to have a better relationship with their healthcare professional, as well as people who want to be part of research and decision-making in health.

EPAP is a key learning tool and was created to support patients in becoming involved in their own health in an effective way.

This newsletter is going to keep you, our ambassadors, informed about opportunities and develop a better dialogue with a more diverse network of patient ambassadors, giving you opportunities to put your experiences to use.

The theme for our first edition is “Being better informed”. This is also the title of the first and most general of the modules in EPAP. If you would like to refresh your memory or continue your learning on any of the EPAP modules, you can log on here. You can check progress on the modules you have already completed or start a new module.

Newsletter No. 1, 2017 articles:

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