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Protection of patients’ rights in Kosovo

Protection of patients’ rights in Kosovo

PRAK – the Patients’ Rights Association in Kosovo has opened a new office at one of its hospitals to put patients at the centre of the healthcare system and to protect patients’ rights. The new office is called “The Protector of Patients”.

It is a central point for patients to get patient information, and also to bring complaints about being denied their rights as patients by public health institutions. The office aims to work with those institutions to solve issues around patients’ rights in a collaborative and cooperative way, working with patients and public health institutions.

“The Protector of Patients” office also periodically compiles reports which help the health service to improve their work with patients. These reports focus specifically on the duty to provide patients with clear and factual information and to treat patients fairly and with respect. The aim is to help establish good and cooperative relationships between patients and healthcare workers.

PRAK has put together a video for patients about their new office. You can watch it here.