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EPAP representative on ELF Council - new appointment wanted

EPAP representation on ELF Council

The ELF Council is the organisation’s main controlling body. Its members are responsible for the work plan, activities and financial control of ELF. The Council works to guide the Foundation and provide an overview of its activities. As ELF was formed and is an arm of the European Respiratory Society (ERS) that is reflected in the composition of the board.

Composition of ELF Council

The Council of the Foundation is composed of 10 directors as follows:

A) Six of the directors come from the Executive Committee of the European Respiratory Society

B) Four other directors are co-opted by the six directors appointed above. They are selected for the contribution they may make to the Foundation. They are appointed for a period of three years.

Currently there are four co-opted directors on the council:


The Council meets face to face three times a year: at the ERS Congress (September/October), in Geneva (end of January/early February) and in Zurich (end of April). Any additional meetings are held by teleconference. The appointment would be for a 3-year term and would start at the Zurich meeting in April 2018.


For all ELF Council meetings travel and accommodation will be funded by ELF. Council members will also be supported to attend the ERS Congress and receive a free registration and bursary.


The position of Representative of the EPAP programme is open to anyone who has taken the programme. The ELF Council is looking for an experienced individual who has taken the course and used the skills learnt to represent people with their condition.

The person will be a representative of individuals affected by a lung condition, and will complement the other three non-ERS directors who represent national or European patient organisations. Being a patient representative and speaking up for people with your condition can make a huge difference to how healthcare is delivered in the future. This role is important on the ELF Council.

The candidate should:

Application process

If you are interested in the role and would like to discuss further, please contact the ELF Director, Pippa Powell who would be happy to answer any questions:

To apply, please send a CV and 1 page explaining why you would like to join the committee, what your experience is, what motivates you and what you hope to contribute to the future of ELF.