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EPAP Spanish page example

EPAP Spanish - register now!

The European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) has now launched in Spanish.

It is a free, online programme that teaches skills for people to represent themselves and others with chronic conditions. The programme is open to everyone, regardless of the condition they are affected by.

People who have completed EPAP in the past are very positive about the course and recommend it to others. One previous participant said “I am very keen to be part of anything that can help improve the experience of patients. EPAP is a real step in the right direction”

EPAP is modular, which means that people do not need to do the entire course, but can choose the modules that best fit their needs. Modules include ‘Influencing Policy’, ‘Supporting Research and Development’ and ‘Participating in Healthcare Conferences’, amongst other topics.

EPAP is already available in Dutch, English, French, German and Italian. Over the past few months, ELF has worked with a team of people, including representatives from SEPARPacientes and Fundación Lovexair, to translate EPAP into Spanish.

We hope that this new translation will help Spanish-speaking patients and caregivers effectively advocate for themselves and people with their condition.

Register on the EPAP website (to view the modules in Spanish - click on the Spanish flag and select 'Spanish' in the language drop-down on the registration form)