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Feedback on EPAP from the Netherlands

Feedback on EPAP from the Netherlands

For their newsletter PGO Support, our Dutch partners, who helped us translate EPAP into Dutch, spoke to a few people, who have used EPAP in the Netherlands.

"I came across the link to the European Patient Ambassador Programme and I thought, let’s see what that is. Before I knew it, I was already doing it”, says Cor Schenkenberg, advocate for Hematon, the Dutch association for people with blood cancer. He has found it very helpful in his work with Hematon and he thinks the e-learning format of the programme is a great advantage. “I had never followed an e-learning programme, but it is really practical. You can do it whenever you want. And you can also go back to check things again. You just log in and you can see it again. Really convenient. "

Patient ambassador Betty Frankemölle (pictured), member of the Longfond’s patients expert group, which too is using EPAP, and of the EPAP patient advisory group completed the programme, before it had even been translated into Dutch. She has since then helped to spread the word about EPAP especially in the Netherlands. We are pleased that Betty has agreed to help out with more information for anyone, who has further questions on EPAP in the Netherlands.