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Italian for EPAP

Italian for EPAP

We are in the process of getting EPAP translated and online in Italian.

Last year we were asked by Filippo Buccella, founder of a parent’s project for parents of children affected by muscular dystrophy in Italy (Genitori contro la Distrofia Musculare di Duchenne & Becker ONLUS Italy), whether we had any plans to translate EPAP into Italian. Filippo was very interested in having EPAP accessible in Italian and he offered us the help of his organisation in the translation process.

After the successful version in Dutch and its launch in September last year all sides felt they were now ready for the next language. And so the process has begun. The programme has been translated professionally and Filippo and his friends are now beginning the proofreading and the finding of information that might need to be added for the Italian version. Giorgio Salerni form FederASMA e ALLERGIE onlus has also offered help with the information finding and we are looking forward to working with Filippo and Giorgio and their members. 

It took seven months' work from start to finish with our Dutch partners and so, we should have the Italian version up and running later in the autumn.