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Join our Patient Advisory Group and help drive EPAP forward

Join our Patient Advisory Group and help drive EPAP forward

EPAP is looking for ambassadors to join its patient advisory group (PAG).

The current PAG was formed 3 years ago, after the first wave of patient ambassadors had completed the programme and wanted to be involved in its further development, and has been at the heart of developments to the programme.

Over the last 12 months, the PAG played a key role in reviewing the whole of EPAP and in helping to develop a new module on attending healthcare conferences.

PAG member Vanessa Smith said:

“As I had only just completed EPAP and was about to enter the world of patient advocacy, joining the PAG made it all seem 'real'. It gave me my first opportunity to actually do something in my new role as a patient ambassador. 

 It gave me the confidence to voice my opinion in a group of people and it was interesting to hear the opinions of others.”

 So, what the kinds of things you will be asked to do?

-          Read and respond to emails from the European Lung Foundation

-          Review documents relating to EPAP, such as outlines or drafts for new modules and comment on them

-          Attend meetings (usually done over the phone) three to four times a year

-          Make suggestions for improving and developing EPAP

-          ‘Test drive’ new features of EPAP

We are looking for people who are willing to contribute to the PAG on a longer-term basis (for two or three years), but we would also welcome members who might initially want to commit for 12 months and then review their involvement.

If you would like more information, or to apply, please get in touch with  Kerstin Morrison