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Launch of Italian EPAP in Milan in September

Launch of Italian EPAP in Milan in September

We have been able to enlist the help of Academia dei pazienti, our Italian partners, who have agreed to launch and promote EPAP in Italy in September during the ERS International Congress in Milan. The Congress is the biggest conference for healthcare professionals in the field of lung conditions in the world.

Academia dei pazienti will give a presentation at the “Meet the expert” evening, where the public can hear presentations from healthcare professionals about the latest developments in research and ask questions. This annual event is always very well attended by people living locally to where the Congress takes place and we are hoping to get a wide audience for the launch of EPAP during the evening.

There will also be several ambassadors, who have been asked to present the patient perspective on living with their condition in different scientific sessions, and to represent their condition in ERS task force meetings at the Congress. We are hoping to get some of them to report back to us about their experience of taking part in such a high profile international healthcare conference.

If you would like to know how to take part in activities like that you can study the EPAP module “Participating in healthcare conferences”, which gives you an idea, what to expect, how to prepare presentations and slides and what things to consider when deciding to take part in international health conferences.