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New module live. Register now!

New module live. Register now!

Over the last few months we have been very busy writing a new module for our already very active patient ambassadors as well as for any people, who have no prior experience of EPAP and would like to learn more.

New module, International health research projects, explains what international, especially EU-funded, health research projects are and how patients can take part in different aspects of them. It is a more in-depth module and builds on the module Supporting research and development.

It is aimed at anyone, who would like to take part in a health research project on a European level, whether or not you have experience of health research projects. The module will show you how it is done, what you will need to know and what you will gain in knowledge and experience.

To access the new module simply sign out of your EPAP account and then back in, if you are an existing ambassador. If you are new to EPAP, simply register for the programme and the new module will show in your list of modules.

For any queries, please, contact Kerstin Morrison.