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Photo of someone holding an asthma inhaler

UK volunteer opportunity: Lay representative (asthma)

There is a volunteer opportunity available for a patient ambassador who has personal experience of asthma and is resident in the UK to be a member of an independent steering committee for a new programme which will develop and evaluate an implementation strategy for embedding supported self-management for people with asthma in routine primary care practice.

Please note:  As the steering committee needs to be independent, the volunteer lay representative cannot have connections with Asthma UK as they are a collaborator on this new programme. 

Attendance on the committee could be either virtual or in person and there will be at least one committee meeting a year over the course of the 5.5 year programme that you would be expected to participate in. The grant has been awarded to The University of Edinburgh. 

If you would like to know more about this volunteer opportunity please email for further details.