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Watch out for Italian summer with EPAP

Watch out for Italian summer with EPAP

At the beginning of the year we told you that we had secured a partner patient organisation in Italy that would be happy to help us translate EPAP into Italian. So, I just thought, I’d let you know how this is progressing.

At a meeting today with representatives of the parent’s project for parents of children affected by muscular dystrophy in Italy (Genitori contro la Distrofia Musculare di Duchenne & Becker ONLUS ) we discussed the project. Linda, Francesca, Silvia and Filippo, who had spent considerable time double checking and amending the translation of the whole programme felt that the translation was now complete and good to go live.

This means that we could have EPAP available in Italian for you as early as June. We will, of course, keep you posted.

If you feel your country would benefit from having EPAP translated into your language, please contact Kerstin Morrison.