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Welcome to the new website

Welcome to the new website

Welcome to our new European Patient Ambassador Programme (EPAP) website. We have added a wealth of information for people interested in patient representation, including opportunities for getting involved, patient blogs and additional resources to complement the content of the programme. We hope you enjoy having a look around.

The new website is also the place where you will now be able to access EPAP. The login/register button will take you directly to the programme.

For our existing ambassadors, we have made changes to the content of some of the programme modules following input from people that completed the course and our EPAP Patient Advisory Group. This should make the modules easier to use and follow.

If you are new to EPAP, this is your gateway to our modules which will give you the skills and knowledge for successful patient involvement.

We are also very pleased that the update now enables us to host EPAP in different languages. Translation into Dutch is currently in progress.

Finally, we have added a new module, 'Participating in healthcare conferences', that we hope will inspire many people to consider taking part in healthcare conferences in the future.

For further information email