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The programme

Do you or someone you care about have a condition that you wish more people understood? Have you had a good experience with a doctor or nurse that you want to share to improve other people’s care? Have you heard about a change in policy or law that you think is wrong or unfair?

As a patient or carer you have a unique perspective on the impact of a condition on life, work and family.

Being a patient representative and speaking up for people with your condition can make a huge difference to how healthcare is delivered in the future. This online programme introduces you to some of the skills and knowledge you may need to represent yourself and others successfully.

ELF developed EPAP as it needed patients ready and able to get involved in the future of respiratory healthcare. However, as the skills are common across any disease, ELF worked with partners to ensure that the programme is suitable to anyone living with any chronic condition. This is why EPAP is for everyone, regardless of the condition they are affected by.